How to choose, tie and wear a tie well?

You have your bespoke suit, your shirt also made to measure. How to choose the right tie, and why the tie?

Just as a made-to-measure suit enhances your stature, function and above all your personality, the tie is representative of your taste. Accessories are also important in a gentleman’s outfit, and your choice of tie must be faithful to you and appropriate to the situation.

To choose your tie, everything depends on the situation: a company meeting, a wedding, a funeral, or a brunch with friends to create a new project.
Avoid ties with insignia that are too fancy or with much too bright colours, the first interest of a tie is to be perfectly adapted to your bespoke shirt and suit, it is not only the colour, but also the material, at Careli, your tailor-made tailor in Brussels, you will find an assortment in colour and noble fabric of tie.

A plain tie that you will wear with a sober shirt will be worn with a more confident jacket to create a good ensemble.
If you are wearing a leather jacket, a tie can also be justified, especially if you are wearing a perfectly fitted custom-made shirt.

In which fabric

Here again, the choice is numerous, silk often prevails, it is classic, and corresponds to all situations including work. The cashmere tie is perfect to play with the nuances of colors according to the brightness. Or the knitwear tie, which is trendy because you can wear it with jeans or a leather jacket, as well as with a custom-made coat.

At Careli, your tailor located on Avenue Louise 209 at 1050 Ixelles, we advise you on your bespoke clothing choices so that your style sublimates your personality.