Bespoke suits for men

A perfectly fitted suit says a lot.

We take the customization of our customer's costume a step ahead with a wide range of variations and options such as real opening cuffs, contrasted vents, contrasted seams, contrasted body and sleeve linings, custom labels, embroidered monograms, contrasting buttonholes, embroidered names on garment bags, etc.

We offer our client a suit that will enhance their silhouettes, with style options limited only by their imagination.

opulence and refinement

For men who are looking for something really special, our tailor-made costume service is the blend of opulence and refinement that every man should experience.
We combine a real know-how and a passion for small details through a rigorous selection of the most prestigious and noble fabrics.
Every detail of the tailor cuts we make is designed according to the customer's needs: cut of the jacket and trousers, colour of the lining, number of buttons, buttonholes...
This service allows our customers to become designers by choosing every detail of fabric, style, lining and trim, creating a defined and confident investment that is truly unique in every aspect.
Each measurement will be fully evaluated according to the exact shape of your body.
In three weeks, your bespoke suit is cut and delivered.