Choose the right color for your shirt.

At Careli, with many years of tailoring activities, we advise you and adapt to your style and character to help you choose the best colours to match your complexion.

Above all, one of the first elements in choosing the right colours for your bespoke shirt is how it will match the other pieces you wear. You can enhance the contrast for a subtle style, or sober to reinforce the tone or character of another piece of your clothes.

Some classic color choices

The white shirt made to measure:

A basic among the basics, it adapts to all clothing, morphology or skin tone, can accompany you in all occasions. But beware, your bespoke white shirt should be made with the best fabrics and a cut perfectly adapted to your morphology.

The sky blue or navy blue shirt made to measure:

Blue is the preferred color in the business world, wear with a black suit as well as a custom-made suit you will adapt to all situations at work. For a more casual look, the custom blue shirt can easily be worn with jeans.

The bespoke checkered shirt:

For a “corner of the fire” style, you can choose a checkered shirt to wear with light, dark blue or faded jeans, this gives a very masculine look to your clothing.

Bespoke printed shirt:

The printed pattern shirt is to be worn with care, it corresponds to a particular style and character, choose patterns that look like you and that make sense to you, even artistic.