A made to measure suit is an act of joy!

At our tailor shop in Brussels, we take your size in the traditional way and you participate in the creation of your tailor-made clothes.
Our Careli company has been in existence since 1957, and we are part of the great history of custom-made products.

A brief look at the history of the costume and custom-made clothing:

Tailor in English, simply derives from the French word “tailler”, and it was in the Middle Ages and in England that the role of tailor in society became important, so in 1100 AD, King Henry I even granted royal rights and privileges to his favourite tailors.

We are entering the 20th century, London tailors dress American financiers, celebrities and public figures, this is what has led to the recognition of made to measure products and their lasting impact on the conscience of those who wish to bring style and soul to their clothing.

The arrival of industrialisation, little by little, made tailor-made products accessible to everyone, but it is a profession that is far from resembling the world of ready-to-wear and continues to work in the traditional way. In our tailor shop in Brussels, we take your measurements and discuss with you the fabrics and colours that will best suit your style, our tailor-made clothes are then made in our workshop.

Today, more and more men, but also women, turn to custom-made products, when you are a gentleman you don’t count, and you make it a point of honour to work on your style and be ready for every occasion, in our tailor-made sewing workshop, we adapt to each morphology, whether you are a man or a woman, you will find in us what makes you stand out with a garment that is truly unique.

Tailor-made products give importance to special events and occasions, you get married, you are a bridesmaid, you attend a business dinner, push the door of our shop to tailor in Brussels to find a selection of shirts, ties to make you from the most noble fabrics, your tailor-made outfit.

Our workshop makes clothes adapted to your body shape, which will cling perfectly to your wrists and will fit the size of your legs, in order to give you the confidence you need for these special occasions and ceremonies in which you participate.

Come and choose from our wide range of quality fabrics, including tweeds, manufactured with impeccable precision, try our wool and mohair mixed evening suits for a refined and elegant style.

Contact us via our form or call us at 32 479 396 489 for an appointment in our tailor shop in Brussels.