We select the fabric that best matches your needs. We will explain the different types of weaves and their properties to you, so that you can make the most appropriate choice between creasing, holding and opacity of the fabrics.


During this step, you will then select the different options for customizing your made to measure shirt or suit. Including the collar, cuffs, buttoning, cutting, embroidery, lining. You are free to choose any customization you want


We take about fifteen specific measuring points on your body for the purpose to create the starting point for the pattern of your made-to-measure garment. This serves as a cutting base in the fabric when making your bespoke clothing.


D’autres points de mesures adaptés à votre morphologie sont analysés. Nous prenons en compte la symétrie et la hauteur de vos épaules, votre attitude et votre tenue pour vous confectionner un vêtement à vos mesures.

At Careli, our mission is to follow the tradition of bespoke clothing to create a rare relationship between you and our tailors in order to allow you the pleasure of expressing your style and personality to the fullest. In addition to that, but you already know that, one of the main advantages of a bespoke item is the perfect fit with your morphology.

Also, at Careli, we offer you the possibility to customize not only the fabrics, but also the lining or even the buttons, monogram etc.
Our fabrics are of high quality with a wide range made of cashmere, silk, mohair, linen and wool from English, Italian and Scottish companies such as Holland & Sherry, Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Dormeuil and Reda.

Careli is located in Brussels, wearing our clothes, you are assured to have the warmth that only a craftsman can give you, you have an artistic garment with a soul that you will never find in ready-to-wear.
Are you looking for a bespoke suit for work, a blazer to wear in a more casual way? A made to measure coat for ladies, In which cut ? A jacket with 1 or 2 buttons, the pants, with or without lapels, and the shirt with a very tight waist ? Neapolitan or Roman shoulder ?

Within 21 days, you can pick up your made-to-measure garment in our tailor shop in Brussels. Once you wear it, you will realize the comfort, the quality and the subtlety of your apparel, you will realize that with a controlled budget, there is something to dress in a very unique way and perfectly for any circumstance.
You can find our Tailor store at Avenue Louise 209 B, 1050 Brussels, we offers easy access and parking for that elegance is your only concern.