How to choose a tailor-made suit

An infinite choice of sizes, cuts and fabrics.

Contact us at +32 479 396 489 or on to make an appointment, you can of course come directly to our store located in Ixelles on the prestigious Avenue Louise, we welcome you in our cosy place with pleasure and impatience to make you a tailor-made suit, a made-to-measure shirt or bespoke pants that will be unique to you.

We do a traditional job, your bespoke garment will be made according to the color of your choice with the fabric of your choice, you try and we offer you samples from the biggest brands: Holland & Sherry, Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Dormeuil and Reda. In addition to offering first-class ultra-thin fabrics of Super 100’s, 120’s, 130’s, 130’s, 140’s and 150’s, and of course we take your measurements. To get to our address, simply go to our store at Elsene on Avenue Louise 209, our store is on the corner with Rue du Châtelain, you can’t miss us.

You want to have a made to measure suit made in Brussels, with Careli we start from your ideas and guide you, our house exists since 1957, and we have at heart to cut costumes that correspond to each size and morphology, which are the most comfortable for you.

We discuss together and present our selection of noble fabrics, it is an important moment that we share with you. We welcome you to our tailor’s house, which has been in existence since 1957.

The limit is your imagination, tailor-made suit, tailor-made shirt, we are at your disposal for any occasion, work, ceremony or wedding. Push the door of our establishment so that our tailors can take care of you, we make you try profiles of suit jackets, shirts, tuxedos in to establish a cut that will be unique to you.

But that’s not all, this step also allows us to find you the cut or fabric that will be the most comfortable for you, and in any circumstance. After your size taken and your choices determined, your custom-made garment is sent to the workshop and we inform you when it is ready.

During the manufacturing of your custom-made suit, we add natural materials to some invisible places to make it even stronger.

Careli has been taking care of your made-to-measure clothing in Belgium since 1957 in order to sublimate your elegance.

Why does a tailor only work with natural fabrics?

At Careli, we work with natural fabrics in the pure tradition of tailoring, the natural fabrics used in the bespoke have the advantage of avoiding or reducing sweating by providing warmth in winter and freshness in summer.

Linen is a fabric of vegetable origin, it is a fabric that is reserved for summer, it is very light and easily releases sweating. But you should avoid wearing it all year round, as it tends to wrinkle.

Cotton, also of vegetable origin, can be used most of the time except in winter. Also light, it is a warmer fabric than linen, it is a fabric widely used in bespoke in America and Asia, it is a less privileged fabric in Europe.

Wool is the most popular material when it comes to making a made to measure suit. Wool is very resistant to wrinkling, which makes this material durable, hence its popularity in bespoke products.

Tweed is a thick wool that is often used for custom jackets that are not necessarily part of a suit set, it is a fabric that wears well in winter, but also for any occasion.

Fine wool, offered at Careli, a tailor’s house in Brussels, in Super 100’s, 120’s, 120’s, 130’s, 140’s 150’s, is the fabric that can be worn all year round and can therefore be personalised to the customer’s wishes, our fabrics come from Holland & Sherry, Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Dormeuil Reda.

Mixed wools are available in cashmere, mohair, alpaca, it is a fabric that allows a great personalization in terms of touch and comfort, softer or more supple touch.

Silk is often used as a lining in custom-made costume jackets, but can also be used as a first fabric.
It is a fabric of course commonly used in the manufacture of bespoke shirts, appreciated for its natural lustre, it also provides comfort and follows with flexibility all your movements, silk clothing becomes particularly elegant.

What does the appellation Super 100’s, Super 120’s mean?

First of all, you are sure to have a tailor-made garment made from 100% wool, and at Careli, a tailor in Brussels, you will find a wide range of these fabrics. The number in Super 100’s indicates the fineness of the fabric, the lower the number, the thicker the fabric will be.

At your Brussels tailor Careli, you have a wide choice of materials and fabrics and we support you in choosing them, based on our demonstration samples or our achievements. Our tailors advise you according to your style, your personality and the occasions in which you want to wear your bespoke clothes. Active since 1957, we are proud to support you in this rare moment that is the making of a made to measure suit.

We manufacture tailor-made clothing for both men and women, we are located on Avenue Louise 209, 1050 Ixelles, we make the corner with Rue du Châtelain, we make it easier for you to park so that this time spent in our cozy setting is truly unique to you.