A made to measure suit fits your body

It is often difficult to buy clothes in a ready-to-wear store. We can find a garment that we like, but whose color does not match our complexion, sometimes, and it is even more annoying, we do not find our size, or rather, it is our size, but we have the feel to float in the garment, or else, this one tighten too much and we are like gutted inside… we will ask a size above the seller, but it will be a waste of time.

We can waste a lot of time in the store, we will quickly get hot and we will have to sneak through the many customers to hope to find the rare piece. Good news, at your Careli tailor in Brussels, you do not encounter any of his problems, one of our tailors will be dedicated to you, and he will adapt the cut of the suit or shirt to your exact morphology!

For example, a custom two-button jacket

You can choose a custom-made two-button jacket, this one will be in the classic way, a straight jacket, you can for example, ask for it with a pointed lapel, you also have the choice of color, black or why not blue or other. A custom-made jacket with two right buttons will lengthen your figure and with the right measurements taken by one of our tailors, this jacket will refine you. By taking your measurements, our tailors at Careli always adapt to your morphology and size.

Or maybe, a custom three-button jacket

Even more classic, the three-button jacket has the advantage of keeping you warm, it’s perfect in winter or if you’re the cold type. It is often made from thick material such as tweed, so again, you should make sure that your tailor takes the right measurements. In our tailor-made Careli shop in Brussels, we of course pay attention to these details, a poorly cut three-button jacket will distort, or tighten you, which can have an embarrassing impact on your figure.

If you are more of a thin morphology and less than 1m 70, you may have to avoid slim waist cuts, especially worn with high waist pants, in the same way, you should also avoid a jacket that is too long.

Less than 1m 70 and rather strong, why not try the two-button custom jacket and add a pointed lapel to accentuate the straight cut of the outfit, these details on a well-tailored custom suit, will refine the waist and bring you comfort in your daily movements.

You are thin and you are more than 1 m 80, you have understood, it is better to avoid the jacket too short, it will have the effect of unbalancing your silhouette and may make you believe that you have very long legs, the patterns or the highly contrasted costumes will also fit you, because the details of your costume will have enough space to flourish.

No matter what your body shape when you wear custom-made clothing, as much as the garment is made to highlight your silhouette and your natural elegance, it is the tailor who, through his experience, will be able to advise you. In addition, you are the only one in control of the customizations or accessories you want. Custom-made products allow much more variety than ready-to-wear.

Why have to choose between hundreds of ready-to-wear shirts, when you can have the right shirt or suit to suit your silhouette and personality.