Every detail with a craftsman’s work

Your bespoke suit reflects your character and personality

that’s why our customizations are endless. We work with the most noble fabric brands and have been passionate about our work as a tailor since 1957.


  • You prefer it Neapolitan, that is to say by the quasi-absence of an epaulette, you find that it looks more natural, we adapt to your request to create you a tailor-made suit jacket that combines chic and casual. With the Roman shoulder, your custom-made jacket does not directly follow the line of your shoulder, but creates a new, more geometric one. This gives a more masculine look.

Jacket lining

  • Made of viscose or silk, in a breathable natural material, the linings of your jackets can also be made of printed or embroidered patterns, and a wide choice of colours is available.

Sleeve lining

  • With a quality lining sewn with silk threads.  Silk yarns have the advantage of being more unalterable than cotton yarns. This allows you to avoid hot flashes and always feel comfortable in your custom suit.

The interlining

  • Located between the lining and fabric of your custom jacket, it provides better firmness and rigidity in certain areas so that your custom suit lasts the longest and always keeps its cut.

The pockets

  • At Careli we bring a meticulous work to every detail, the pockets are obviously part of it especially since it is one of the most visible elements, hidden pocket or ticket pocket, we adapt to your request, other pockets can also be made for your glasses for example.


  • Our custom buttonholes give you even more possibilities to create a unique piece from a wide choice of colours, patterns, and materials.

Felt under the collar

  • Hand sewn, the felt can be worked on and is available in a wide variety of colours.


  • Notched lapels for a straight suit, pointed lapels for ceremonies. Or Shawl collar for a perfect tuxedo, this distinctive element of a suit is very important to us.

Buttons, Embroidery or monogram

  • Each of these elements brings even more character to your custom-made garment and our tailor shop in Brussels offers you a wide choice for a perfect customisation. We also offer you as part of your professional activities to insert your logo in a declination of color for example.

Careli offers a range of luxury products for a tailor-made style in the Italian, the English or the French style.

The quality of our fabrics is ensured through our collaborations with the leading fabric brands: Holland & Sherry, Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Dormeuil and Reda for fabrics in cashmere, silk, mohair, linen and English, Italian and Scottish wool.

At Maison Careli, masculine elegance is at the centre of our attention, our local and international customers have passed through the hands and measurements of our tailors, driven by the tradition of bespoke tailoring at our tailoring boutique located near the centre of Brussels.