A romantic Valentine’s Day made to measure

Valentine’s Day is the opportunity to play the big game for lovers, whether your love is only a few months old or you live together, making a bespoke suit is the opportunity to give your couple back their confidence. Depending on your taste and personality, ask your Careli tailor in Brussels to make you a colourful or sober suit, which you can wear in a casual way, or even with jeans and sneakers.

You have chosen the right restaurant.

What a pleasure to choose the right restaurant in a romantic neighbourhood and to join your partner dressed in a bespoke outfit, even if you’ve known each other for several years, it’s sometimes a time when your shyness decides to resurface, a bespoke outfit helps you on that side by enhancing your stature and bringing you the necessary comfort.

At your Brussels tailor Careli you are also advised according to the season, the Valentine’s Day falling in February, it may be very cold or cool, so you have the choice of fabric and its thickness, you can in case of hot February be dressed all in freshness, it is perfect for a cinema between lovers, after the restaurant. You decide to have a last drink before going home, until the early hours of the evening you will always be perfectly dressed even to dance, enough to hit your partner’s eye again.